The World of Ricky Gervais’ The Office: Series 1 Trivia helps to tie some things together.

By some odd coincidence, my long-reserved copy of The Office came in on Friday, and Saturday was when we had time to watch it. What should be on Bravo in the ealry evening, just prior to our planned DVDathon?

Office Space.

Viv and I watched all of this back to back – somehow it’s appropriate to my return to the world of the working, er, stiff. Sadly, the other wise admirable trivia guide to The Office series 1 fails to ID the obvious Demotivators poster outside David’s office door visible in episode six. I don’t think I’m linking to the correct poster, but it is a long-wise poster with a red main slogan.

On the other hand, Peter Gibbons is mentioned by name in episode six and cited in the trivia guide.

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  1. Office Space is a great movie. I love that movie and for more than the obvious reasons…..

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