Just finished interviewing Frezan Ozpetek, a Turkish-Italian film director who is in town for SIFF for a couple of days. The SIFF press suite is in the W, more-or-less next to the new Seattle Public Library. In the large photo that is the most prominent element in the page that opens from the Library link in the prior sentence, I would be sitting just on the other side of the planter in the middle distance, partially occluding the “n” in the word “teens” that may be seen nearer the far wall.

Now, however, there is furniture.

I do have my camera with me but didn’t tote a means of getting the pix from imaging device to computer. I did just take a pic of this open posting window.

The open-access wireless works just fine. I will wander around in here a bit after I catch up on email. There is an ever-changing cast of laptop users, and a steady flow of neck-craning gawkers, many wearing the trademark black of the architecture students’ guild.

It should be noted that my chair is the exact same shade of tangerine as that of the old iBook that I am employing.

2 thoughts on “Main Line Berry

  1. No, there’s a W in Seattle. It’s been there for at least four years (and probably longer), because Amazon put me up in room #404 after flying me across the country for a face-to-face interview. Ahh, the halcyon days of the dotcom industry, when e-mail addresses were worth Ferraris and the cheery orange banner of Kozmo still flew high…

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