Before Kirk shouted “K-H-A-AAA-NNN!” he cried “FINN-E-GAAAN!”

Apparently, fighting is in the genes. Chris, if you ever read this, I know a SHITLOAD of Irish tunes. Whyncha pick one out to take home (um, note: “Finnegan’s Wake” not included in this offer until I’ve had a chance to brush up “..mmmph hmm hmm irishman mighty odd… hmm hmm tongue both rich and sweet”…) Thanks for the hilarious stories (well, I thought it was hilarious, but then I can match your tale of physical violence, except for the tale part), and, I’m a tiny, short man that you OR your brother could squash like a bug. So please pick on my east-coast colleague Ken instead.


“Last night, I dreamt that I beat the shit out of Mike Norton in front of the Lil’ Peach. This marks probably the 250th time I’ve had this particular dream.”


“When we last left our story, Mike Norton was motioning for me to leave the safety of Lil’ Peach in order to receive what would probably be a thorough pummeling.”


“I walked outside and stood on the sidewalk in front of Mike Norton’s pick up truck. What followed was a classic game of ‘questions’, as popularized in Tom Stoppard’s masterpiece Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.”


“‘We’re fucked.’

Watching the truck back across the parking lot, it was all I could think to say.”


Too brief to excerpt.

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  1. Wow, I don’t know what to say…

    Thanks for boiling that whole story down into something more user-friendly. I’m still not completely sure what this site is, exactly (I’m not very bright, you see). But thanks, all the same!

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