Well, the Wallstreet’s T-board came in, and I performed the requisite surgery. I swapped the drives, as promised, and Bellerophon boots properly. However, the duped OSX boot drive is not behaving as it should, and the T-board does not appear to have solved the invisible battery problem – so more fiddlage to come next week, pursuant to rule #2:

No hardware projects allowed during weekends!

After I work everything through I’ll post surgery shots. Drive space is the original issue that led me to this pass,

And, I’m trying out blogrolling.com as a linkmanager; it’s pretty slick. Unfortunately, it works via embedded javascripts, which creates refresh problems on my browser, what about yours?

…And tomorrow is the Fremont Solstice Parade and art car fiesta!

Here’s a route map. Apparently there’s some sort of pageant at Gas Works this year as well.