Opening 13 Cans of Whoop [blogerated NYT link]

Pounding Punch tastes like a nonalcoholic version of the Pagan Pink Ripple, a budget wine with tropical flavors that was a landmark beverage for me. Its distinctive hangover, a sneak preview of a cheap and tawdry death, made me realize while still in college why it is very important to drink in moderation. Sinful Citrus combines an insipid, vaguely lemon flavor with a shocking blue-green color. It looks like a product intended to be poured in the toilet. That’s where it went in my house, at any rate.

William Grimes writes amusingly of taste-testing a batch of energy drinks. With the exception of the unfortunately bowdlerized headline – obviously intended to read “Opening 13 Cans of Whoop-Ass,” and the exclusion of the Jones Soda Co. energy drink of the same name, the article is a funny bit.

2 thoughts on “Whoop ASS, you mean

  1. (I wouldn’t post so many dumb comments all the time, but I get excited by your posts . .)

    There is NOTHING more satisfying than opening up a can of Whoop-Ass at work. nothing.

    Some companies now make alcoholic versions of energy drinks,too — malt-based like Zima, 6% alcohol. The cashier said they affectionately call it ‘study beer.’

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