Six Log: How are you using the tool?, Mena wants to know. So here’s my census.

Active blogs and authors: four and fourteen (with up to twelve more in the wings), respectively. Inactive blogs and authors: eight blogs and four additional authors. Planned blog-based sites: five. Possible additional authors: fourteen.

That means I need to plan for a total of up to seventeen blog sites and forty-four authors with some non-sustaining revenue potential.


One blog to debug a problem with another author’s MT plugin. Three authors, including me. Headed for inactivity.

One blog to stash notes on an event that I am covering. Not directly revenue producing but directly related to professional, revnue-producig activity.

A group blog under the rubric of one of the publications I write for, provided as a favor. Nine authors, I think. No revenue, but clearly professional development.

A documentary blog providing discography and ephemera information on a long-defunct band. Intended as a collaborative blog. Two active authors, up to fifteen potential authors, some small possibility of supporting music sales through the site but with revenues projected in the tens of dollars per year. Not what I would consider commercial, but probably revenue producing.


One for each close family member, totaling three in addition to mine. All are totally inactive.

One blog to support Viv’s jewelry business. A placeholder. Non-revenue producing, but clearly commercial use.

One blog providing a backup for another blogger. Never used. One author.

One stillborn comics review and journalism blog. Eventually, I will migrate all my comics-related writing to this site. Non-revenue producing professional development but specifically intended to qualify for AdWords.

A placeholder for my portfolio, intended to be integrated with my Gallery install. Non-revenue producing professional development.

A placeholder for the blog-ization of my resume. about 70% done, but stalled. Non-revenue producing professional development.


A migration of another defunct band site. Up to five authors.

A migration of a special-interest website. One author.

A migration of a defunct post-nuke based special interest website. Up to seven authors.

A memorial website. Up to four authors.

A migration of an archive website for a defunct punk zine.