counterpoint.jpg I finally was able to lay hands on a copy of Jason Webley’s new CD Friday night. There are twelve songs, and it’s called “Counterpoint”. Word is that time’s been too short for comprehensive site updates chez Webley, so here’s a scan of the cover, and the songlist:

Southern Cross

Broken Cup

Quite Contrary


It’s Not Time to Go Yet

The Graveyard

Northern Lights

Drinking Song



Goodbye Forever Once Again

Train Tracks

You can order the CD here via paypal.

I’m still listening to it and will write more about it when the time is ripe. I was very happy to see that Train Tracks is on this record. The interior cover of the CD is fairly elaborate with linocuts by Jason which were reproduced on a large scale at the CD release party.

My wife remarks that she wants to hear a recorded version of the song which includes the line “I am not your lover, I’m the map you use to find her”, which appears to be too recent a song to have made it onto the record. I wonder if Baby Bok Choy recorded the CD release show, and if that song was performed there?

The show in Olympia was quite enjoyable, and was sort of the usual Jason solo deal: a few guitar numbers, a few accordian numbers, then a big audience piling, singing, into the street to find a parking garage.

I always enjoy visting Olywa; it reminds me of Bloomington, my hometown, but has a larger downtown area. After seeing Jason, we strolled down the street o a bar called “Charlie’s”, where good pal Chuck Swaim was doing karaoke with a bunch of his buddies. He looked great, sounded great, and it made me very happy to see him, rocked in the bosom of his community.

Here’s links to Chuck’s old magazine, “the Arm’s Extent“, and to more current stuff of Chuck’s here.

One thought on “New Webley CD: Counterpoint

  1. Mike–you’ve probably found out already, but Jason’s guestbook is FINALLY up again, and there is an updated homepage and events page, including reference to the proposed piracy of the Bainbridge Island Ferry next month. The “I am not your lover…” song was played at the May Day concert, but not at the CD release show (which featured only the songs on “Counterpoint”, opening solos by the various instrumentalists–Mike McQuilken, Eyvind Kang and violist/anti-WTO activist Sprout, Jherek Bischoff and Harry Pierce–and an encore by Jason of “Against the Night”, while he was still up atop a ladder with a tomato totem hovering over his head). The album is very cool (especially as I’ve been wanting to learn several of the songs for some time); I only wish all the lyrics were included, and that I could have played or sung on it! Someday, I hope (and I also hope to have my own first CD recorded somehow in the not-too-distant future, so I’ll have something to sell and be hassled about at festivals…!)…I am not his lover, but I love him dearly anyway…Thanks again for the ride back (and the diet Coke at the bar)!

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