via Romenesko’s freakin’ indispensable Obscure Store this very long story at Spike covering the process, evidence, and results for a three-year investigation conducted by University of Illinois journalism students into the identity of Deep Throat, the secret source for Woodward and Berstein’s epochal Watergate coverage.

the June 14 Dateline NBC will apparently be devoted to the story.

After reading the whole thing, I wanted more clarity concerning why the investigators selected Buchanan rather than others mentioned as possible candidates (the story mentions seven in total).

Who do you finger? Groundless speculation encouraged!

2 thoughts on “Deep Throat: Pat Buchanan?

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  2. Buchanan was a true believer, and pretty unlikely to start hanging around parking garages bringing about the downfall of the government. Besides, he looks nothing like Hal Holbrook. John Dean comes out with a book every few years proposing a different DT. Woodward says he’ll give the name when the guy dies, and until then I ain’t listening to nobody.

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