Between 11:00 and noon today, this site has experienced over 1,000 site visits. I’ll update this entry with more information about the surge as I figure out what is going on. The box is just slightly pokey, so as long as things don’t accelerate I don’t anticipate a problem.

UPDATE: The discussion was cited as ‘some degree of debunking’ in a Fark posting citing the Mini campaign, which it seems is just getting going and being received rather credulously.

The link has scrolled well off the active area of the thread so traffic should be dropping, I think.

UPDATE II: Hm, hard to tell, actually. Tailing the log and looking at server usages shows no drop in traffic; and the SQL-based traffic-reporting system I’m using is now sending multiple emails each time it rolls over another 50 visits. That bug may mean multiple simultaneous visitors, or it may mean that the software lacks record locking, in which case the database records are going to grow more suspect over time. Not that I’m terribly concerned, the system is an estimation device, after all.

UPDATE III: 3:30 and they’re still coming. The page is now well in the lead as most visited page in the site, with over 10,000 visits. The tide is definitely slowing, though. I didn’t record the page’s count yesterday, though. What’s most odd, to me, is that NOT ONE of the has farkers commented so far. Maybe they’re just shy.

Finally, this has distracted me from the Anhalt series sufficiently that I believe I’ll do the interiors tomorrow.