4 thoughts on “Time Cube Guy!

  1. Actually I’m not Gene Ray, but if by “special” you mean “retarded” then you are most certainly correct, because as Dr. Ray said: “Academic and religious teachings equate mental retardation – as a 2x4x4 Cube creation principle reduced to a 1/4 (corner). You are educated retarded, too stupid for Time Cube.

    And most of your Cubeless WordGodWorshipping Academian blockhead comrades are also retarded by 1-corner indoctrinated lies. In fact, the vast majority of humans living on Earth today are too damn stupid and/or evil to comprehend the Ineffable Truth of Time Cube, so unless a drastic pro-Cubic movement occurs soon, your “Time Travel Spam” post won’t be the only thing attracting the wrath of Nature’s Harmonic Simultaneous 4-Day Time Cube. Behold the following undeniable Cubic implication: “Cubeless academia = armageddon and a barren Earth for children.” Do you want your children or great-grandchildren to resort to cannibalism and to die of starvation, disease and nuclear poisoning upon the face of a barren Earth? If not, then YOU MUST SEEK TIME CUBE.

  2. Waitamint –

    I’ll make exception for the ad hominems here because I’m curious. You are not Dr. Ray.

    Are you Time Cube Guy, or are you someone who saw the light, so to speak?

    Furthermore: I always thought that Time Cube Guy, the person responsible for running the Time Cube website, and Dr. Ray are the same person. Is this an inaccurate understanding?

    Hoping for clarification!

  3. Yes Gene Ray is the Time Cube guy, webmaster of timecube.com and others; and I am an entirely different Cubic, one who saw the light, the light of the Ultimate Ineffable Cubic Truth of the non-infinite anti-delimiting Universe.

    You asked for clarification, so let me clarify your “ad hominem” accusation. Formally “ad hominem” refers to irrelevant comments made “against the man” in an attempt to discredit the arguments of “the man” — this generally constitutes a fallacy. But I don’t think you’ve made any anti-Cubic arguments; in fact you haven’t really said much at all about the actual Time Cube theory in the few sentences in which you’ve mentioned it. Now if we take “ad hominem” in the more general sense of “against the man” regardless of the context, yes it’s true that my comments may reflect badly on you personally, but how does this specifically imply that I have made a fallacious argument? If you insist on taking an anti-Cubic stance then I suggest you come up with some actual arguments such that a meaningful debate may occur.

    You may wish to check out the debate that took place at the website of Dr. Bacchus.

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