3 thoughts on “The Electras

  1. kerry certainly is going to get my vote simply because it will make him the first rock and roll president. I’m sure the “ELECT-RAH” resemplence
    to “ELECT_TION”
    is obviously a coincidence that is so random that it’s almost not worth bringing up except on the level of bad pun. also, I doubt the name electra had anything to do with the Homeric character (despite the fact that these were prep schoolers) and more to do with the Buick ELECTRA which was a popular car in the early 1960’s. I’m sure there were probably a dozen bands in the u.s. at the time called the ELECTRAS. the most famous (heretofore at least) was the minnisota group who shared labels with THE LITTER and recorded ACTION WOMAN and SOUL SEARCHIN.

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