30cnd-panel.4.184.jpg As I post this, the image you see to the right is featured on the NYT homepage in the context of a story on Condoleezza Rice agreeing to appear in public under oath in front of the 9/11 panel.

The image is clearly the Holy Grail of ‘halo’ pix. Note Governor Kean’s wing, as well. Curious, having seen this particular stunt noted in the context of GWB photo-ops, I poked around to see what I could find, and as best I can make it out, sometime after the blog-meme pointing out GWB halos emerged, photogs started actively seeking to frame pix of not only GWB and Ashcroft with the ring around the head, but pretty much anyone in politics.

Clearly, the ‘Halo Watch’ website is in order. Let’s see… Ideally, the site should allow uploading of the photo; the submitter should provide the linksource, wire service, and preferably both the photoeditor that made the selection and the shooter of the image as well. Obviously it’d need to be searchable by subject name as well as the above fields.

Sounds like a custom Gallery implementation. Any takers?