In a science experiment I conducted last night, it was determined that the introduction of one (1) complete dirty martini into the chassis of one (1) Macintosh Wallstreet G3 Powerbook via the apertures provided for speakers and keyboard will produce the following results:

1) a pleasant, gin-and-olive aroma will be noticeable in the environment of the computer.

2) upon initial introduction of the liquid to the chassis, the computer will no longer respond to keyboard commands, such as tapping the space bar to awaken the computer in preparation for an orderly shutdown.

3) No amount of verbal instruction to the computer (or to other entities traditionally associated with faith-based enterprises) will alter result number 2.

4) when partially disassembled after about twelve hours, a residue of liquid may be noted resting on the motherboard of the computer.

5) if power is experimentally reconnected to the computer and the power button is pressed, after a few minutes, a disturbing staticky noise will travel from speaker to speaker for about thirty seconds.

Observations are continuing.

7 thoughts on “Martini Invasion Horror

  1. Aw, man. I spilled chai once on my notebook computer. I called the manufacturer’s tech support. Everybody there wanted to know what chai was, and then they all said it sounded really delicious. My advice for you: try not to think about the wasted martini.

  2. The rest question is: Was it shaken or stirred?

    (Sounds like an excellent excuse to upgrade, regardless.)

  3. Powerbook now unable to communicate coherently with peripherals, cursor wobbles all over the screen, text appears blurry and runs together…

    Ouch. Hope it wasn’t the last of the gin.

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