danelope_site_avatar_head.jpgOn March 3, 2003, Mr. Lope explored some of the parameters of comment spam. I refrain from crosslinking to his linked sites for obvious reasons.

And with that, Danelope Week draws to a close. Thanks a lot for coming and stay tuned for occasional updates.

The excercise proved fruitful in ways I was not wholly expecting. The idea of picking one person’s weblog and randomly mining it for synchronistic links echoing your own editorial topic for the day over a period of time is, as far as I can tell, original to Danelope Week. I think it would be fascinating to see others do this.

I beleive the full and appropriate name for this practice is obvious: I hereby dub it Seven Link Boots, after the famous boots of myth and legend.

2 thoughts on “Danelope Week Part VII

  1. My categories are out of hand, so I stopped creating new ones. i beleive I put all of these entries under ‘Linking.’

    My category pages are accessible under the Archives drop down.

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