Looks like Dear God Damn Diary has collected a cease-and-desist letter from one Angela Gordon, representing United Features Syndicate, for posting the execrable earworm ‘Hey Ya.’

While we at mike.whybark.com applaud the effect of this letter, which is to minimize the possibility that we’ll experience the inescapable urge to perforate our eardrums with the tiny little pencils once distributed by national magazines with appeals to subscribe (back in the seventies, when every day was like a rotting tooth in the mouth of a week-old corpse), we are sadly constrained to note that Ms. Gordon’s thuggish eviction notice was intended to protect not the innocent listener (oh, how we mourn for the pursuit of the public good in our vaunted corps of legal professionals) but rather to protect the valuable intellectual property created by the happy collaboration of Charles M. Schulz and Bill Melendez in the form of an animated television special celebrating the birth of an important religious figure as reflected in the lives of a group of children originally seen in the comics section of nationally distributed newspapers but which I do not refer to by name out of my deep concern, (undoubtedly only expressed with greater assiduity by Ms. Angela Gordon on behalf of United Features Syndicate) for the protection and maintenance of the property rights of United Features Syndicate, as the name is clearly marked in the cease-and-desist letter with the registered symbol.

It’s my sincere hope that while this deserved slap in the faces of all callous underminers of our nation’s and the world’s regime of intellectual property rights will in no wise distract B2‘s mission of providing us with informative, sober, thougtful insights into the current high-powered primary battle.

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