OK/Cancel: I, Robot, You Jane, via Blackbelt Jones.

Roomba Review, community site for Roomba. Looks just launched. Astroturf? Those are some good prices.

Genius art-guy Gary Panter on Roomba.

A bar.

Takeapart walkthrough at Jake’s World (which has some other cool stuff, looks like). Macly!

Roomba Community: Zoomba. Hacks. Uh-oh. Yeah, this looks like the place.

Roomba Diagnostic Mode.

Has anyine crossbred a Furby with a Roomba yet? Also, did I hear tell now would be the time to pick up your MindStorms kits? Uh… Yes, but never mind.

Ralph the Roomba at Bunk.

Popular Science: Hijacking Your Cute Little Vacuum Bot.

Business Week: How the Roomba was Realized.

Unbound Spiral: Roomba Robot. ‘Early adopter’ enthuses.

2 thoughts on “Roomba reflections

  1. Since I have had a stroke I thought the Roomba would be a great way to help me. WRONG !! When I first bought one I had to send it back because it would not work at all. I mistakenly sent my extra battery that came with my extra charger as well as the regular battery. I only got one battery back with the new Roomba you sent me. That was the first two mistakes. Now after three months, the Roomba will not pick up anything off the floor. I have taken it apart, as instructed, it still will not pick up anything. In other words, I have just wasted $300.00. I will know not to buy anything from you again.

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