Viv and I spent to day wandering around and seeing movies. We hit RoTK again, and then after munching we saw Big Fish. Despite Mr. Goldstein’s transparent slanders, I concur with his judgement of the film as one of the best of 2003. My pop’s getting a phone call tomorrow for no reason at all, between lawyer time.

Confidential to Y. S.: Okay, okay, so I’m running a bit behind on the book, okay? And, yeah, yeah, we’re springing for the booze in Vegas, I heard all about it from, believe me, everyone. I’m not picking up his and Frankie’s bill at the worst bar in New York, though. Sorry for any mizundastoods. Hey, if you get phone time with L’il Kay-Gee, can you stall him on the ink for Ken’s Misbegotten or whatever that dog is? I am this close to patching things up – I even gave him an invite to join orkut today – he’s warming up! I just know it!