The Illuminated Donkey flips on the teevee, Johnny Walker in hand, and blogs the Iowa caucuses. Among other learned observations, he notes that “less than 1% of Iowans are under 50 years old; seriously, it’s like that Soviet town they used to show in the yogurt commercials,” and that Joe Lieberman has a big future as a Chinese-food deliveryman.

And stop to admire the election-season graphics, why don’tcha. You’ll have to hum the puffed-up brassy pseudo-march soundtrack by yourself – just take Tom Waits’ “Jersey Girl”, imagine it all in majors and up-tempo with snares and no vocals and you’ll be on the right track.

Today it was sunny and 60, the white moutains bright in the distance as the cedar-scented breezes ruffled my hair.

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