Project Horizon at astronautixcom [via things].

HORIZON is the project whose objective is the establishment of a lunar outpost by the United States. This study was directed by letter dated 20 March 1959, from the Chief of R&D, Department of the Army, to the Chief of Ordnance. Responsibility for the preparation of the study was subsequently assigned to the Commanding General, Army Ordnance Missile Command. Elements of all Technical Services of the Army participated in the investigation. This report is a limited feasibility study which investigates the methods and means of accomplishing this objective and the purposes it will serve. It also considers the substantial political, scientific and security implications which the prompt establishment of a lunar outpost will have for the United States.

Includes numerous black and white illustrations. Part of Encyclopedia Astronautica. Don’t miss the Phantom Cosmonauts, where I learned that the Russian space program actually flew a full-size sculpture of Yuri Gagarin around the moon. Who says that art under socialism lacks imagination?