My portfolio occupied much of my time today, apologies for the dead air.

Go take a look! I still need to wrangle the assets for a number of old-skool multimedia CD-ROMs, but there’s a passel of material there that was not previously available.

Gallery, for all its’ not-immediately apparent limitations and frustrations, remains a deeply flexible tool, and I am ever-thankful for it. Adding the fifty-or-so graphic files I threw up today would have been a much more frustrating experience without it. Here’s to ya, Bharat and company!

8 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. The fact that you have designed products I have previously owned and, yes, held in my very hands indicates that you are in fact a talented designer and I take back that bit about sticking to movie reviews. I assure you this crow is moist and succulent.

  2. I give myself no credit for guessing which the what may be.

    You’ll be thrilled to hear I studied the whole series for onscreen POV UI before selecting the hardsuit. Now, canonically, it’s mebbe not the most practical menuing solution. But it sure was fun figuring out what the original artists might have had in mind – geek heaven.

    If I guess aright, mind you.

  3. Right you are.

    I was also going to whine about MoveableType always forgetting my metadata, despite explicit instruction to “remember” said “info”. But I’m thinking this is somehow related to Mozilla blocking cookies that don’t come from the originating server.

  4. there’s some bug-code in MT too: if you post to a pop up comments box, and have it ‘member, it does, i believe, for that box; but then if you comment on the full-blown page that incorporates the form widget the data may not populate.

    I tracked it down once, long ago, but it’s just a minor pita and like you i found it took less energy to live with it than to whine about it.

  5. It may also have something to do with the way your site is spanned over several subdomains and the parameters MT uses to set cookies. The blog is at mike, the comment box is at blogs, and the cookie is written for tools.

  6. tools is a different cookie – it’s for my traffic logging and discovery system.

    the spawned box is a ‘blogs’ URL, IIRC; and the rendered page which includes the form would be a ‘mike’ URL, so the domain thingy might hold water.

    hmmm – therefore, changing the pop-up box links to target the full entry page with an inline anchor on the input box might resolve the issue.

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