In November, I recieved a peculiar postcard, which I noted and shared here, thinking it somehow foreshadowed an event involving Ken, an ex-coworker of both of ours, and a story involving fecal matter.

At that time I did not share the message on the back of the card, as I found it obtuse, possibly a feeble ‘jest.’

Now it’s all coming clear. If Goldstein thinks I’m letting him take Kensapoppin‘, tweak the book and add some dance frippery and then call it an original work that he’s free to peddle under the quite-probably infringing title Ken’s Misbehavin’ to those heartless shmucks in Hollywood (HA! an option on UPN! HE has NO IDEA what he’s walking away from!) he’s going to have ANOTHER THINK COMING.

I’ll be wrapped up with the contract law team for the rest of the day but rest assured… This game ain’t over.