I attended a screening of a film last night for review, and I’ll be cranking out the piece this afternoon. When I watch a film for review I take notes the whole time, and in general I prefer to see the film in complete ignorance of everything about it. This film is a special case, and I hadn’t anticipated how complex it would make the review-development process for me.

In essence, I found myself applying the technical and analytic tools I employ in film-watching for review, as I should, but to a film that I also have had high personal hopes for; doing so inhibited the sense of involvement I would otherwise have expected to experience in viewing the film.

I’ll talk more about this after the review is out, including identifying the film (thoughtful readers should be able to anticipate the title), but for now, I need to do some self-investigation to sort out what to write.

3 thoughts on “Reviewing in review

  1. Yes, Dan – what sucked, too, was when I sat down and saw it was that same fucking thing I knew I had committed to the damn review too – I can’t even tell ya!

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