3 thoughts on “fiddly bits

  1. What does that hand signal mean, by the way? I’ve seen it numerous times; don’t know if it’s supposed to be positive, negative or in-between… 8-}


  2. It’s positive, Karen. In a kind of adolescent we-all-are-of-the-same-tribe kind of way.

    Teenagers believe it represents the horns of Satan; it actually goes back to pagan Europe, I’ve heard. I’m not sure if this is right or not, but in Sicily it’s used to ward the evil eye. Or used to be. Or maybe I’m engaged in some self-delusion.

  3. Alas, many of the horned gods of my Scandinavian/Celtic/Germanic ancestors got turned into the Christian devil, and the goddesses into the Whore of Babylon, when folks’ religious thinking got a little TOO black-and-white, and we all forgot that divinity (going way back to Paleolithic times) was constantly shapeshifting between the human, animal, vegetable, mineral and elemental worlds…

    How’s this for a sign– lnl ?



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