Uh, never mind.

It’s sunny and 78. There’s a faint tang of woodsmoke in the air, and although this is the first time I can recall the leaves staying on the trees in a Puget Sound fall long enough to prove it, apparently deciduous trees here are, in fact, physically capable of brilliant displays of color.

If only there were a joint hereabout serving steins of beer and cider at long outdoor bench tables accompanied by heaps of sausage and mutton as the leaves swirl about in the sun and pleasing towers of billowing cloud pile up brightly in the sky.

UPDATE (10/27): Aaargh. This post took down my server and I’m still repairing it. I apologize for the delay on the Webley transcripts and for the server bounces. Looks like a wipe and restore from backup if I read the entrails correctly; there’s a fiddly bit on the system drive that won;t get lassoed by DiskWarrior. I did get backups of the system drive today – hopefully I can verify them as bootable. All the data is secure so whatever happens the only things that would be lost are the suspected sources of the error – new server-side software I implemented recently but hadn’t backed up yet. Wotta PITA.