fucking so grouchy – 12:18 AM GMT
you know, this is why I am into baseball now: there’s always something positive, once you look past the permanent (and growing) negatives. – 12:20 AM GMT
@DanEngler because mobs are ineffective means of enforcement provisioning, historically prone to incorrect conclusions and bloodshed – 12:39 AM GMT
@DanEngler and Reddit will reliably increase that percentage, thereby increasing collateral damage – 12:40 AM GMT
@DanEngler well, if it involves OMG BROWN PEOPLE, yes – 12:49 AM GMT
@DanEngler your’re defining damage in a way that does not include virtual experience – blue shirt kid tried to cloak to avoid doxxing – 12:51 AM GMT
@DanEngler oh me too. Baseball game soon, for some variables of soon? And I know you aren’t on Reddit. Somehow. Talking, probably. – 12:52 AM GMT
@DanEngler hm, yes. You jest re TNG, but next Thursday there’s a Fathom TNG cinema thing… so quite possibly, if not sooner! – 01:04 AM GMT
Grr. Amazon has reinstantiated the Adobe Flash DRM bug for XBMC. It’s almost exactly a year to the day from last time. – 03:02 AM GMT
You’d think if you are paying for it, a minimal effort would be expended to keep you paying. 24 hours is probably plenty of time, right? – 03:07 AM GMT
@manwhoyells @DanEngler there was! it was across from Loewes on Aurora! It was terrifying! Surely I have told you this story. – 03:21 AM GMT
@jkonrath where do you live, for god’s sake? How did you live here without getting stuck passing through Gluetown? – 03:23 AM GMT
@mathowie dude, this is not like 1968. They lost two historic leaders and a huge swath of LA, plus plus plus. This is a crazy week, but. – 03:26 AM GMT
feel like i’m gaining command of the medium finally. still so much to explore formally, as opposed to mimetically. pic.twitter.com/1SreWOY6yk – 05:02 AM GMT
Look, news freakout people. Calm down, look around, feel sad, take notes, and act like grownups. Try to help. You can do this. – 05:06 AM GMT
@7News @moniguzman “HTTP Error: 504 (Gateway Timeout)” overload 404 prolly – 05:33 AM GMT
.@gedeon Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon, on the phone, yelling – 06:33 AM GMT
.@jonhendry @gedeon he does have the reach – 06:42 AM GMT
I was like, “Watertown, why is that familiar?” This is why: watertownology.com // 1970 Frank Sinatra LP, “Watertown”. – 01:28 PM GMT
@tclancy and thanks to whatever you call the Kuleshov effect for audio, it will appear to be predictive! – 01:41 PM GMT
Guy that knows the kid sez “joe-har,” news host says “joe-kar” hmmm – 01:47 PM GMT
slavering national security jerk handwaving like a motherfucker. get out. – 02:25 PM GMT
these fucking terrah analyst fucks – 04:24 PM GMT
@hell0jed say yes but insist on relocation costs + housing & furniture, ask for $3k/mo rent – 05:24 PM GMT
@hell0jed well done! doesn’t matter, part of the reason to do it is to get used to asking for ridiculous compensation amounts – 05:55 PM GMT
@hell0jed you have to accumulate enough nap points to get to the fridge from the couch and back with snax and beer. Achewood tie-in. – 05:59 PM GMT
@ardaniel @phirephoenix @hell0jed @KatGamer i feel someti that, with, you know, brain – 06:02 PM GMT