@tclancy pic.twitter.com/P2sdTTLEbN – 12:53 AM GMT
Now that this has ended, I feel free to bitch about the active-duty public service officer in my FB news feed calling for “one more bullet” – 01:01 AM GMT
.@rosspruden @Froze8 @arthurwyatt Amazon re-enabled DRM on streams 4/17, breaking playback in XBMC. – 02:06 AM GMT
@mathowie ha ha, my hometown! We sort of dread it. – 02:09 AM GMT
what a shitbag of a week. how did I manage to stay productive? Signs point to lying in bed while working. – 02:12 AM GMT
@ardaniel good thing you didn’t because if you had, Fox News would have won – 02:17 AM GMT
RT: @Ihnatko: When gunfire erupts outside, PLEASE don’t endanger yourself by shooting phone video. Or if you do, hold the phone the right way. – 02:17 AM GMT
@ardaniel house where I lived in 1st grade, Brookline. A block from Kennedy house, 2 blocks from Dawes Elementary. pic.twitter.com/zFmD3DScVF – 02:21 AM GMT
@ardaniel shopworn duplex at the time. we rented the upstairs.I waled to school. Love that town. – 02:23 AM GMT
@ardaniel walked i mean – 02:23 AM GMT
@charlie_savage @tclancy please tell me this is a joke – 02:31 AM GMT
Isn’t it a crime to violate your oath of office? No? Oh, that’s right, I forgot who it is that gets to make the laws. – 02:32 AM GMT
@GrahamBlog You dishonor your office. – 03:54 AM GMT
I am so angry. – 04:14 AM GMT
Must. Stop. Caring. – 04:14 AM GMT
2 or 3 years ago I played iOS Catan until it became like tic tac toe, and then Carcassone after that. Opened ‘em just now. Forgot the rules. – 06:10 AM GMT
@earinc you’d have to clarify the bit about ‘seeing’ and ‘going down,’ because no, not really. But hey, if it makes ‘em happy. – 06:13 AM GMT
HOLY CRAP just remembered overnight dream in which we had, beyond the cats and the dog, A HORNED OWL for a pet. – 04:37 PM GMT
He would gently pick the purring cats up with CLAWS THE SIZE OF HUMAN HANDS and rearrange them on the bed to get a better snuggle spot. – 04:38 PM GMT
He carefully nuzzled and groomed the dog’s ear with a beak that looked like a pair of industrial wireclippers or a boltcutter. – 04:40 PM GMT
Huh, this TAL prologue is maybe a tad bit too soon. – 06:03 PM GMT
Far away across the water there are loud sounds, like military jets and artillery. Is there a range on Kitsap? pic.twitter.com/EFwuZ7nSTN – 10:00 PM GMT
Ducks. yfrog.us/ccxq8bngjddvvb… – 10:03 PM GMT