@imontheradio oh yeah, it hooked me and it was a delightful combo of sympathetic and shudderingly disturbing – 12:38 AM GMT
@surlygourmand Thank god we’re cool. What about all the ones from before? – 12:39 AM GMT
HEYYY someone found a full crusty rusty Glock clip at the beach today HEYYY by full, I mean full of bullets. pic.twitter.com/tjzSRrVYuU – 03:41 AM GMT
… the someone that found this was not me, I just took it to a person better set up to arrange a sane disposal. pic.twitter.com/CCBbR4HEy0 – 03:42 AM GMT
Nobody Listens to Worf: comicsalliance.com/2012/02/23/nob… // h/t @manwhoyells – 04:31 AM GMT
oh hell yes mwhybark.newsblur.com/story/the-clas… – 04:46 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt seems unlikely to have been dangerous due to apparent extended submersion and grit, but yeah, woah. It weighed a fair amount. – 04:57 AM GMT
@jebbanner hey, I must glanced at your data column, and wanted to chip in a penny: one place where you can look to see social / realworld … – 04:31 PM GMT
@jebbanner … effects of comprehensive data gathering, data transparency, & crowdsourced analysis is baseball statistics & sabermetric fandom – 04:32 PM GMT
@jebbanner … and that experiment has been running for either 20 or 120 years depending on how you look at it. – 04:33 PM GMT
@BrendanLarvor c’est l’ennui des grottes, n’est-ce pas? on que jamais sait! – 04:36 PM GMT
good lord, it is so nice. warm full sun. possibility of sunburn, even. – 05:18 PM GMT
@deathmtn THE BIG ROOM – 05:39 PM GMT
why yes! pic.twitter.com/2CjHXzpMgs – 09:13 PM GMT
@jebbanner well, this is likely too big for twitter and I am not expert. but in some cases, it has permitted undercapitalized teams … – 10:42 PM GMT
@jebbanner … to win dramatically, or so it is asserted (“Moneyball”). It also has created a fervent fan corps of statistical analysts. – 10:43 PM GMT
@jebbanner … and there is a casually asserted conflict of cultures between non-sabre and sabre fans and pros. – 10:45 PM GMT
@jebbanner additionally, it’s useful to note that the stats are all collected and anayzed in relation to clearly observable game objectives. – 10:46 PM GMT
@jebbanner … thus no player is held to account for time in dugout picking nose or doing silly dance moves or throwing balls to crowd. – 10:47 PM GMT
@jebbanner … so it’s not the same as workplace panopticon you forecast. A clear consequence of the data gathering and analysis … – 10:49 PM GMT
@jebbanner … is to undermine perceived authoritativeness of commentators, coaches, and league admins. For example, stats showed PEDs early. – 10:50 PM GMT
@jebbanner … But league managerial oversight both at team and league level dismissed the analysis for many reasons. So data cuts both ways. – 10:51 PM GMT
yo quiero all you can eat oysters – 11:49 PM GMT
@DanEngler @mubay “NewEUWiiU” that’s a Morris Day and the Time sing innit – 11:51 PM GMT