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before blogs and twitter, for five years I played electric mandolin in an irish band, the Bare Knuckle Boxers. bkb.whybark.com – 04:28 PM GMT
There’s another band, same name, playing around Philly. They started about when we wound down. We were, uh, amused by their first website. – 04:29 PM GMT
archive site I just linked to is full of bitrot and absurdly has no recordings. I always mean to post ’em during the year and forget. – 04:31 PM GMT
‘Tunes’ nav choice points to mp3.com no-longer-hosted resources! – 04:32 PM GMT
Me, June 2001: bkb.whybark.com/scrapbook/2001… – 04:33 PM GMT
after a gig in Pioneer Square: bkb.whybark.com/foto/central_g… – 04:37 PM GMT
in the van! bkb.whybark.com/foto/central_g… – 04:37 PM GMT
gig was less than a month after our 2001 earthquake, which affected Pioneer Square badly; bkb.whybark.com/foto/central_g… – 04:38 PM GMT
flyer: bkb.whybark.com/scrapbook/flye… – 04:46 PM GMT
the logo and design work I did for the band: plus.google.com/photos/1015233… (G+ link, apologies) – 04:48 PM GMT
@sumit I support this concusion. – 04:49 PM GMT
in reply to sumitRT: @bookofkellsapp: @dduane To celebrate St Patrick’s Day, the Book of Kells for iPad is free today. itunes.apple.com/ie/app/the-boo… … – 07:24 PM GMT
so I got districated what with the old pics and such. WHAT I MEANT TO SAY: – 07:25 PM GMT
experience of playing though the thousands and thousands of Irish traditional and 20th century songs for years was AWESOME. – 07:26 PM GMT
vastly expanded my musical world by opening me to lots of regional musics, and taught me the debt American music owes to Irish music. – 07:31 PM GMT
RT: @macklemore: In honor of St Patricks day we’re giving our song IRISH CELEBRATION to the people.. for free!! Get it here: bit.ly/YHUIby – 07:32 PM GMT
RT: @arthurwyatt: polygon.com/features/2013/… The story of FTL. – 07:33 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt fucking awesome, so glad someone thought to write about that. – 07:33 PM GMT
in reply to arthurwyatt@middleclasstool I almost think there’s a counter problem. After his reported meltdown I went from 29k+ to 100-something, and am now live. – 07:47 PM GMT
the end result is I tend to spend all day on St. Pats listening to vast chunks of the catalog, just, honestly, marveling at it. – 07:49 PM GMT
First, how the hell did I ever remember all those songs to begin with and second, there are so many more I still don’t know. – 07:50 PM GMT
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@DanEngler oh, not my catalog, theirn. – 08:38 PM GMT
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@sumit the philosopher’s stone! – 11:19 PM GMT
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