Good chats with Mom and ex-boss Paul B, dog walked, and now waiting for Viv to get her car from the shop prior to a stroll through Value Village in search of some specific cast iron.

I tried the Shoreline Goodwill a couple days ago, which used to be my favorite North End thrift store. But they recently remodeled and tidied up so there’s less chance of a random score there now. Good for them, bad for me.

I was surprised at first to find, literally, not a single piece of cast iron. The did have what appeared to be a pair of steel-clad aluminum core Italian-made dual-sided uh frittata maybe pans for $14, which seemed like a fair price for what amounted to two high quality ten inch crepe pans. But not what I was looking for.

Awesome. As I was writing this a kid drove by blasting “Thrift Shop” at top volume.