Fumetti are photo-based comic strips. Readers of the National Lampoon in the seventies will recall the form from there.

Here is a cautionary tale concerning the inherent dangers of John Barleycorn.

Here are some other comix I’ve done, in the more conventional pen-and-ink manner: comix.whybark.com


2 thoughts on “WHISKEY FUMETTI

  1. Dammit, I got all excited when you promised me a NatLamp-70’s-style Fumetti, but when I clicked on it all I got was some drunk guy and some whiskey-piskey. Where’s the topless blonde?! False advertising if you ask me…

  2. hey, serial narrative using photos, there ya go.

    I forgot to mention that John Holmstrom used it a lot in PUNK magazine, too. I recall one in particular featuring the Ramones.

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