February 24, 2015

Watched the Mike Leigh “Mr. Turner” tonight. It was lovely, with a central and startling CGI depiction of the anecdotal encounter that inspired “The Fighting Temeraire”.

As always, movies about painters remind me how much time I have already wasted, how many pictures I will never make. Not that it ever affects me to the point I actually exert a daily practice, even now when paint and canvas and setup and cleanup are no procrastination excuse ever again.

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February 23, 2015
a bit of a haul

Long day of driving (by my standards, anyway). At about noon Sunday I headed over to the Issaquah highlands west of Tiger Mountain and south of Lake Samammish to do a Craigslist pickup of a Lillberg loveseat. I brought the dog with the intent of a stop at the north end of the lake, at the expansive offleash area in Marymoor Park.

He surprised me by clearly recognizing the area as we drove in. To my knowledge this was only his second visit there since he’s been with us. I suppose it’s possible he might have gone there with shelter dogs but that seems somewhat unlikely as his shelter was based in Snohomish County.

All went well, and we returned by driving north through Woodinville to Kenmore around the north end of Lake Washington. I had reset the trip odometer as I set out and happened to glance at it somewhere about halfway through; it showed about 45 miles. So I expect we drove around 90 miles in total, arriving back home at about four.

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February 21, 2015
Russian sunrise

2oz vodka
1oz white tequila
dash sweet vermouth
dash Rose’s limejuice

shake on ice, serve up

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Rise of Flight remains in rotation. For many years I’d struggled with positioning the monitors and TrackIR such that I could get 180 degrees plus of vertical head motion. The issue stems from TrackIR’s default design position at the top (or bottom) of the monitors. I position my monitors with the bottom bezel about a foot up from the desk, placing the top bezel two feet up. My head position places my eyes more or less in line with the bottom bezel.

If the TrackIR clip is on a baseball-cap brim, as intended, then, when I look down, the TIR camera loses the reflection strips as I tilt my head down. adding reflection dots to the cap works to an extent.

Moving the TIR to the bottom of the screen allows the camera to see the head motion, but the hat brim then occludes the monitors.

I finally resolved this by placing the TIR at the front of the desk, angled up toward my face, and by mounting the TIR reflecting clip directly to the bridge of my nose and to my forehead with cello tape. Experimenting, I have learned that I could also just hold it on my face with my eyeglasses.

However, my eyeglasses don’t provide optimum visual correction to the screen and I prefer to not wear them while working in that setup. I suppose the resolution here, at least in the interim, is to buy or find a cheap sunglass frame and pop the lenses.

The wizened MS SW FFB2 is still absolutely perfect, to my surprise. I have a CH pedal set but for whatever reason I have found them to be hard to calibrate. I’ll bring them online in a couple weeks, I think.

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February 20, 2015
FUCK broadcast TV news

Viv just turned on the tube and it dropped right into a headline rebroadcast of the fucking “it was a rock” Pasco police shooting. She managed to change the channel before the fucking money shot but good god. When she asked me why I was yelling at her to change the channel I had to explain what had happened to her, a task I did not relish. She has heard nothing about it and has a well-formed, fully earned distaste to hearing me rant about social justice issues.

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aaargh. we are under attack by the small black ants known around here as ‘sugar ants’. they showed up very early this year and have proved unusually persistent. i believe this is an unfavorable augry for their future fecundity.

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