in 2013 I bought this 60-LED solar-recharge security light on Amazon. This winter it failed and I took it down to see if it was the battery or not. It did appear to be the battery but I was unable to locate the exact replacement, a welded pack of five 1.5 volt AAs with an aggregate output listed at 6v on the battery wrap itself.

I thought I had found the correct replacement at Home Depot for about $15, a special-order item, but the unit that arrived appeared to be wired backward, either a manufacturing flaw or simply a battery with reversed polarity. I was kinda grumpy about a $15 battery anyway and just returned it.

Once I had determined that the battery was dead I pulled the wiring harness off and experimentally attached it to a 9v battery, and the light illuminated very brightly. What I don’t know is how many illumination cycles the battery might support, and of course finding a rechargeable battery would be even more preferable – the solar array is still producing juice without difficulty.

UPDATE: sells the part for $10, fee shipping. Ordered.

EDIT: September 21, 2023. I finally took the unit down yesterday and found that the reason the replacement battery still failed was likely that the solar panel was not delivering power to the unit. Since the rechargeable has not had power for six yeas it is likely dead and I will try another one; if that still fails I think I might just switch the batteries out for a standard 9v and hand-replace as needed.

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