A guide to late-era Gizmos releases at thegizmos.bandcamp.com

A friend asked about getting hold of some late-era Gizmos material; I took the opportunity to introduce him to the Gizmos material on bandcamp.


The entire Gizmos bandcamp site.

This release includes songs from all incarnations of the The Gizmos, featuring, um, love songs.

This release includes all the early Gulcher 7″   EPs. Only “Never Mind the Sex Pistols” includes Dale and Billy, iirc (Dale might correct me here). The last six songs on this release are the tracks that are on the “Never Mind” EP.


This release combines the “Never Mind” EP and the Gizmos side of Gulcher’s 12 LP “Hoosier Hysteria”, which was a split LP with The Gizmos and Dow Jones and the Industrials.


This release includes most of the songs that were on my main Gizmos tape that I would hand out in the 1980s, which I dubbed from a tape that Seth White had labeled “The Gizmos Story,” and which seems to have been assembled by Dale on his return to Indiana following the band’s breakup in New York. It includes the sterling pop demos recorded in NYC as well as a wide range of live tracks.


This includes the band’s live set at a gig in West Lafayette which also featured DOW JONES and the INDUSTRIALS. I have had members of both bands cite this gig as their favorite gig. It’s really good.


Another release with the New York Zeami sessions that produced “The Midwest Can Be All Right”. A bunch of previously released live tracks as well including at two tracks I don’t think I previously had, “Pignose” and “Nervous Man in a $4 Room”.


Just the Zeami tracks. IIRC that was the first of the retroactively archival releases for the late-period Gizmos on Gulcher. These tracks are also on “New York 1980-81” and “Rock and Roll Don’t Come from New York.”


Billy’s just pre-Gizmos garage band. Very recent release; I think the “Love Songs” release followed this by a few days.

An AMAZING collection of Gizmos covers by bands from all over the US and the world. Absolutely fantastic, you must pick this up.

Finally, that is a total of nine releases, most priced at about $8. For $91, you can pick up all these releases PLUS all the other material associated with The Gizmos on band camp, including exhaustively archival releases covering every aspect of the pre-Dale Gizmos, releases by members of that version of the band, the Gulcher Jetsons EP, and releases by Gizmos guitarist Tim Carroll. Tim has lots of other released material and his stuff is worthwhile.

The link to purchase the discography is not one I could copy and paste. You will find it on each individual release’s detail page, at the bottom of the list of purchase options.

Tim’s bandcamp: