I had cause to Google on some of Jason’s lyrics and found some stuff I’d not seen before, maybe it’s new to you as well:

Laying Down by the Tracks, by Sergio Pastor – reflection and narrative on Halloween 2001, one which I found moving and which I think is a more careful and personally emotive piece of writing about that show than my own.

Jason Webley is a track selection review of songs from the show that Pastor describes by an East Coaster who hopefully made it to the NYC shows that Jason put on this summer.

Seattle Weekly‘s preview for that same Halloween, 2001 show.

A Seattle Times piece previewing the November 2002 show (I had spotty luck with the Times, with the link sometimes working and sometimes not. Also, they’ve just added an NYT-style reg-req).

Lukewarm review of Counterpoint at Delusions of Adequacy.