What happens when a person having a highly-distinctive worldview decides that an online citation of that worldview constitutes an actionable event?

If you’re Josh Larios, it means defending your publication decision to your registrar, with your domain in jeopardy. Seems to me like it might be a good idea to give Josh some linklove.

UPDATE: Josh yanked the content in full, recognizing it’s never wise to do battle on principle with someone’s scrambled brain chemistry.

One thought on “Insanity

  1. Well, you know. That guy is insane. Like, probably paranoid schizophrenic. So, in the end, I’ve removed all references to him from my site. My wife makes a good point–don’t taunt the crazy person. You never know when he’ll show up at your house with an assault rifle.

    I’m pretty sure the notice from dotster was just an automated process thing. I’ll be very surprised if it goes any farther.

    Thanks, though 🙂

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