WTF is wrong with you?

(UPDATE: Look how you treated your sometime pal – he’s heartbroken!)

You mother and I have decided if you’re not going to follow our rules, you can’t live in our house any longer. You go right ahead, see what it’s like to live on the streets, experimenting with anabolic steroids an’ shit – but don’t come back whimpering to me if your kidneys shut down, your sewers stop up, and you suffer a convulsive, massive, complete failure of governance – you’re the state that had universal college education, the sixth largest economy in the world, and now you’ve completely failed the crucial test of Platonic theory regarding democracies.

Of course, your granpa Plato was no democrat!. But I’m quite sure Arnie’s no philosopher king. And do you know what Plato says when democracies take home charismatic opportunists?

He says it’s game over, California. After Arnold, you’ll never elect a serious, committed political leader again, is what he says. But do you know why I’m really upset?

It’s because you set the agenda for my entire country. It means, if history is a guide, the end of democracy in the United States will happen during my lifetime.

Uh, say, Canada, can I have a word with you? Are you busy? My daughter, California…. mumble… mumble…

2 thoughts on “Memo to california:

  1. I always hated Arnold’s dumb, boring action movies. Does that mean life in CA is going to become a dumb, boring action movie?

  2. Sorry about that, Candidate Whybark. But I’m afraid I’m not registered to vote in California, blanket driver’s license offers notwithstanding…but hey, at least 2000 voters (not counting absentees) thought the porn star gal was cooler than Arnold…

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