Just so my gentle readers don’t think I was yanking anybody’s chain, here’s a wire story with photos about Tuesday’s Rolling Stones – Blimp Week cross promo:

Yahoo wire photos which will undoubedly change, and here’s the story proper: “Rolling Stones Announce Yet Another“.

I thought about nicking a shot or two, but I’ll wait till the Stones site has some on offer. But as a bonus, here’s a link to a RealMedia clip of the great yellow beast on a test run. Isn’t thirty years a long wait to take an answering poke at “Yellow Submarine”?

Hmmmm… That hangar in the background of the still shot on the news page at the Stones’ site is familiar to me.

Aha! It’s Moffet Field, in Sunnyvale, CA. The clip itself, however, may have been shot at Tillamook – the big standing piers in the background as the ship noses up are the skeletal remains of a wooden Naval LTA blimp hangar, like the remnant at Tillamook. But you know, there are several of these hangar skeletons scattered around, so it could be elsewhere, and it would stand to reason there’d be a skeletal hangar at Moffet.

Here’s a link to a museum located at Moffet. They helpfully note that “The hangar includes an awe-inspiring view of hugeness beyond your comprehension”, in regard to the shelter seen in the still pic referenced; the rocket scientists at Ames have thoughtfully taken all that hugeness and put it into this quicktime VR look at the interior.

Now you know.