Your Dock, if you please ( sez Jason, and lots and lots of folks share.

After reflection, I realized that I should actually just post full screeencaps because of the way I have the Dock and other stuff configured.

On my left screen, I have DragThing hidden to the bottom, sliding up when I mouse over a tab; it also runs a process dock down the left side of the screen, and provides me with an old-school desktop trashcan. I also use ASM to bring the old system menu back.

On my right screen, a vanilla Dock runs exposed at all times. That screen is displayed on an aged 21-inch fixed-rez RasterOps monitor, so I use it as my document screen when working in Photoshop or other graphics-oriented apps.

Others have been listing apps, but I’m not gonna; I’d be here all night.

leftscreen.jpg rightscreen.jpg

(bonus points for the person that gets the joke in my title for this entry)

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