Is it just me, or is there a lull?

I mean, Jim took the month off to climb burning mountains, and Ken took a break. They both came back and are conspicuously wordy. Logorrhetic. Long-winded, like. Charged up, really. Rarin’ to go.

But, geez, I’m missin’ days – B2 uses the exact same words I did. The cheery bullets in my blogroll are fewer, somehow, than I expect them to be.


Is it the weather? The war? The end of Bennifer? Where has the flow, flow, flow gone?

Ah well.

Analytically, for me personally, it’s a combination of things – September always blows for me, in greater or lesser degree. I’m working on an ongoing project which included signing an NDA, which I hate to do and don’t worry about consciously but it ain’t like I’m blabbin’ about it here.

Then there’s the whole keeping-my-powder dry issue regarding pieces I’m working on for outside of blogland… It seems that in the past when I’ve blathered on in undisciplined fashion here as I’m prepping a piece, the piece benefits later as my angle and some hooks and stuff often get worke out here instead of in the first draft.


5 thoughts on “Lull

  1. Yeah, uh, sorry about that! Must be a buildup of postesterone in the bloodstream from being two weeks on the road with only a single visit to a coin-operated Internet kiosk in the laundromat, where I spent about CDN $3 trying to remember my stupid MovableType password (actually, my MovableType password is _so_ clever that I wish I could share it with the WORLD! But not so clever that I could remember it after only one week of being gone. I scarcely ever have to type it. Mmmmm. Cookies.)

    I woke up in a tent several days later and said to Patti: “I just remembered my MovableType password.”

  2. Since I’m on the “Daily” list in the sidebar, I feel justified in explaining my recent absence. My friend Eric, formerly of the United States Navy, came into town on his way out of Pearl Harbor and, well, there was beer that obviously needed drinking.

    Lots of beer.

    In any case, my apartment has been returned to its former occupancy of one (1), so I should be back to my regularly scheduled posting today. Just moments ago, in fact.

  3. Agreed. I’ve been darn wordy myself lately, but we recently commented that most people we know have quieted down lately. There is no explanation.

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