Is there anything as annoying as updating one’s resumé?

I don’t think so.

Ah well. An unexpected recruiter call lit a fire under my patootie, acually. I also did a comprehensive update last spring – but the really horrible server outage – the one that took the KGP away from us – also kilt my hard-won puffery.

Naturally, I also have some contract work to keep me busy on Friday.

In other news, a test burn of the Gizmos DVD was entirely successful, chapterpoints and all. I will need to doublecheck the entries to be sure I didn’t inadvertently miss a song or two and to make sure I haven’t brain-farted and mislabeled a tune, but WOO HOO.

(Among the furiously dancing heads of my friends I’ve ID’d is a wild-haired blond woman, swinging her tresses – nay, her mane – with wild abandon. Could it be a certain buttoned-up editor currently a-soujourning in London?)

One thought on “Resumay update time

  1. Hmm. Could be, though I have no memory of this. It sounds like the sort of thing I would have shown up at. I had curly hair then, as strange as that sounds.

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