Ken Goldstein, of the Illuminated Donkey has kindly agreed (actully, he’s done no such thing, and will come away from this performance believing it was all some sort of peculiar dream brought on by one too many egg creams) to perform the BLIMP WEEK theme song for us here in the vast and dusty Dirigible Theater, largely abandonded since the dot-com collapse picked up steam.

(Enter KEN stage left, wearing a straw boater, white flannel pants, and a red-and-while striped jacket while twirling a cane and performing stereotypical vaudeville dance moves. a sad piano tinkles the melody in the echoing, empty hall, dusty but still flashing gilt through the murk)

blimp week, it’s blimp week
not shark week or zep week
it’s blimp week for me and for you

blimp week, not limp weak,
blimp week is spelt kay-ee-dubyuh-ell
you’ll feel light, you’ll float away
when it’s blimp week for me and for you

(spellbinding softshoe number here)

we’ll use hydrogen not helium
although the latter makes for squeaky feelium
drop that altria smoke, don’t light that match
and look out for static sparking shock!

blimp week, it’s blimp week
where you’ll feel firm and strong
and the songs will make you cry
blimp week, it’s blimp weak
sailing through the internet SKYYYY!!!

(with, the, you know, big finish, down on one knee, cane hooked over outspread arm, you know the bit)

2 thoughts on “the BLIMP WEEK theme song

  1. Why not

    It’s Blimp Week, Blimp Week
    Ain’t no tarantino film
    So we don’t call it Gimp Week


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