Sorry for the dearth of postings – the trip, combined with some media projects here at home, are soaking up my brain and free time.

The media projects are associated with creating a DVD from an old VHS tape of a reunion perfomance by the Gizmos shot the last day of July in 1988 – the tape was edited and directed by Eric White at the cable-access staion in Bloomington, BCAT 3, which unfortunately at the time only made VHS cameras available to program producers except for in-studio work.

The tape is pretty good in every way except video quality – I’m actually quite impressed with Eric’s editing.

It being September again, I should note that Eric was working on the editing throughout the saga of my sister’s death – and she is quite visible on the tape, as am I, dancing and dancing. The concert stands at the gates of adulthood; the cost of entry too high to predict.

Happily, watching the video (over and over and over as I work the kinks out of the workflow here) is not saddening in the least – it’s almost like a video yearbook, and I find myself pointing at the fifteen-year-old video ghosts of my friends and calling their names:

“There’s Ransom!”

“It’s Katherine!”

“That’s Terri!”