Viv and I are watching The Two Towers on DVD (we actually started yesterday) and there’s an hour to go.

Gollum, as I’ve said before, is looking to me like an ambitious miscalculation. Less than a year after the release of the film, each time I see it, the more flaws and shortcomings in the character’s CGI I see.

This will guarantee reworking of the films once the trilogy is complete – the question is, how long will it be until we see this?

An additional question, of course, is: how much farther will they have pushed the CGI for The Return of the King? The films still obviously reflect a high-caliber commitment to quality; I can’t imagine that effects people and directors on the project are unaware of the issues I see (overly smooth movements, “floating” limbs, ungrounded character presence in certain scenes) and I would assume they were tackling them even before the release of the first film.

Geez this is a long film. Apparently, when the extended edition is released in November, we’ll see, as with the first film, an additional forty minutes.

I’m buying stock in lumbar cushion manufacturers.

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  1. Hi Mike! Did you ever find the Tablet booth? I found ’em in the Exhibition Hall when I went to see Carissa’s Wierd for the first, and possibly only time. I still say that Tablet is practically the only local paper with a totally updated club calendar…

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