Shocking news!

Recent discoveries indicate that in an alternate timeline, the company which produced the poster above makes money hand over fist over jowl!

For a printable PDF, click the image.

UPDATE: I’ve realized that I misused the word “Zeppelin” in the poster. Since I depicted the Cargolifter dirigible and not the currently-flying Zeppelin NT I suppose I should change it to Seattle Pacific Dirigible Airways, or mayy-be Seattle Pacific Air Dirigibles. That would have the added benefit of gently teasing the Germans with the acronym SPAD, an obvious nod to some very excellent and fast areoplanes from the Great War which were 100% French! Whoo! Vive la Brie! J’aime bien les brioches! J’ecoute Serge Gainsbourg!

7 thoughts on “Seattle Pacific Zeppelin Airlines

  1. My husband would love to ride in a “blimp”. Can’t think of anything he hasn’t done except this. Any help you could give me would be appreciated. I am hoping to give him a gift certificate at Xmas for a ride sometime next year.

  2. Trying to find a way to buy/beg/borrow/steal a BLIMP ride for my lovely wife of 32 years…willing to travel within the WONDERFUL USA in order to accomplish same…any help would be appreciated…Brendan Grubb

  3. Better add this now.

    There is no Zeppelin or blimp company affiliated with this web site. You cannot book a zeppelin flight or a blimp flight here.

    You may read about a great dirigible disaster, however. Enjoy!

  4. I echo the lady’s comments above who wanted to surprise her husband with a Zeppelin ride. We live in Palm Desert, CA. and would like to get some quotes re possible flights in the area. My husband will turn 80 on the 27th of January (is an old WWII fighter pilot) and would love to ride in a dirigible. Please let me know if it’s possible around here – and the price, of course. Thank you. Bente Underwood

  5. I used to live nearby a goodyear blimp hanger, over 20 years ago. They would offer blimp rides to the public for $50 a passenger for a local flyaround.

    IIRC, there are 6 such hangers that Goodyear operates. A true fan could track the nearest one down and see if rides are still offered…

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