The Illuminated Donkey: back on the air.

Ken called me from his work this morning to note that while HIS power was back on, sections of Manhattan remained dark.

This means that as of that time, Paul Frankenstein remained offline. I’m not sure if Paul self-hosts or if hs hosting provider is out as well, but it’s well within his technical capacity to be hosting his own website. The situation appears to be the same now, a few hours later.

More trivial updates concerning the personal activities of pals in the Great Northeastern Blackout of Ought-Three as they come in.

Ken’s reportage has been highlighted in several locations, such as The Fat Guy, who coined this site’s new official designation for the event, the Great Northeastern Blackout of Ought-Three; at Amy Langfield, highlighting Ken’s pithy commentary on his experiences at home; and at Kofuzi, where I am referred to as “this guy,” as is Ken.

3 thoughts on “The Donk UPDATE II

  1. Ja. My hosting provider’s out, and so is my email. The cable modem is back up, but no cable TV yet.

    The lights came back on at 5:32 in the morning; I biked over to work at about 7:45 am, but the building was closed, so I headed back home and fell asleep.

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