Piranha Airships is a Puget Sound area manufacturer of fully-operational toy airships. These airships are about two and a half feet long, and have a single band-driven prop slung elegantly under the nose of the gasbag.

I’m a happy owner, and encourage you too to purchase a vessel. They are so simply engineered, it makes me smile just to think of them. My cats, on the oher hand, find the airship to be of concern – it’s as though there’s a giant floating dog in the room. The presence of the balloon results in much hiding, peering around furniture, and running away.

We actually ended up buying a tank of helium at Costco, for, like, $30 or something, which considerably simplifies the process of inflating the gasbag.

There are other resources for toy blimps and dirigibles on the net, most of which are radio-controlled and somewhat larger than the Piranha. They run about $80 to $500 depending on the size and compelxity of the vessel. High-end ones often have a wireless video-camera option.

Draganfly is probably the place I’d go first if I were looking to pick up an RC blimp to bother others in the office with. They are 3-channel products, which means you have a left and right drive sytem as well as an elevation control. Draganfly makes some other pretty cool stuff having mostly to do with RC indoor flight.

3 thoughts on “Piranha Airships (Blimp Week Followup Part II)

  1. I want to buy 7ft rc blimp with all needed parts
    It should be used for trade shows.
    cen you give me the price including transport costs?

    Best regards

  2. Sorry Bato, no dice.

    Try eBay or Draganfly as noted in the story above.

    last tie I looked in to tradeshow r/c’s, they ran between $300 and $1000.

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