6 thoughts on “pfooo

  1. I love that the weather page has a link that says “What to do in your garden”
    I clicked it and it was just an opening page on different types of plants and conditions.
    Someone should hack it, so when you click that link, it’s just a totally blank page with the words, “Water it”

  2. Hot?! You don’t know from hot so quit your belly-aching! And only 38% humidity?! Get back to me when you grow a set.

  3. I lived on Long Island, NY, where it can get to be 90 deg/90%. But there was always an ocean breeze. Here the air has been perfectly still, which simply weighs heavy on ya. Guh.

    ‘Course, I’m out on the hammock this evening, surfing the web ’cause I can’t move any air through the house. Not so bad afterall.

  4. Thank the good um sombeody or something for 80211b.

    Out on out apartment building’s deck, where two years ago, my wireless was the only signal, I can hitch-hike on up to seven different signals today.

    Some rain would be nice.

  5. Some of your Seattleans are escaping to the somewhat less hot regions of the SF bay area (at least a couple that have wandered into the shop where I work).

    They report that it was hot as all get out, up there in the land of mist and snow…

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