A few days ago I wrote about a hosting operation’s amazingly affordable hosting plans. I was a tad bit skeptical.

Well, the blog magic of this here site was at work again, because I have heard from them, of course. All I seem to need to do to get email from someone is write about them here. Kinda neat. I’ll have mull this over; perhaps it’s my superpower!

At any rate, one of the twain behind No Hassle Hosting dropped me a pair of lines which I will post forthwith. Despite the kind permission of my correspondent, I’ll keep her name and email address off the repostings below. The emails go a long way to addressing many of my questions about the operation, and are mighty charming to boot.

Subject: Hello
From: “Firstname Lastname”

Mike, a friend of mine saw your post on July 10th and got a big chuckle out
of it and I thought I would email you personally.

Not that MY opinion helps your decision, but I give you my word that there
are no secret intellectual-property bombs, no strings, no hidden fees, no
per-database charge.

The reason our prices are so cheap is because I remember what it’s like to
be a consumer and to pay enormous sums of money for paltry amounts of disk
space, bandwidth, and features. Not to mention non-existent customer

We also do not have the overhead most other companies have– we’re a small
two-man (or should I say one man, one woman!) operation dedicated to
providing a great service at a great price.

If you have any other concerns, let me know– would be happy to answer any

Firstname Lastname
No Hassle Hosting

Well, folks, this is first-rate personal marketing.

It made feel gooey and special, like a good consumer, a valued consumer, one who was being invited to form a personal relationship with No Hassle Hosting. My correspondent went so far as to paraphrase the words I used, accurately pinpointing my use of hyperbole and my word, I don’t think it’s possible to do this any more nicley than it was her. Don’t you agree?

Naturally, charmed all silly, I wrote back, asking if I could post the note, and explaining a bit of my hardware’s heritage (it’s a creaky old Powerbook that I’ve performed countless surgeries upon in the tradition of hotrods and shadetree mechanics everywhere).

Naturally, it was fine.

Subject: Re: Hello
From: “Firstname Lastname”
To: Mike Whybark

Thank you! And of course I don’t mind. 🙂

We’re both big Mac geeks, too… hubby runs a local Mac repair business here
in town and I do all of my freelance design work on my dual G4.

Love, love, love OS X. My husband was running his own OSX server here at
our house for a while on our eMac (for fun), and had one of his personal
sites up on there that didn’t get much traffic (our cable company would have
shot him if he would have had a busy site! Haha).

Firstname Lastname
No Hassle Hosting

Well, geez, I’m sold. Asoon as I make a firm comittment to go the hosted route, you know where I’m heading first.