yo ho yo ho
a pirate’s life for me

We just got back from seeing the fine piratical vehicle, Pirates of the Caribbean at the big-ol screened Cinerama, and lemme tells ya, arrr!

The number of minor flaws are three, IMHO:

1. Those are not Aztec carvings on the stone treasure chest, but rather Inca.

2. No Brit Commodore wilted from pursuit of pirates, matey, no matter how pure the reason.

3. <whine> In one scene I was disappointed with the CGI. </whine&gt

PLEASE NOTE, in relation to the REST of the CGI, I was not only NOT disappointed, I was as amazed as I wanted to be. The fighting scenes with the live actors and skeletal pirates blending and merging as the light plays on them were hard to comprehend in the success of the effect, of the physics.

The first sword fight in the film employs the choreographed ringing of steel on steel as direct, fully-scored chimes within the orchestral soundtrack itself, boldy proclaiming the level of detail in craft the film sought. It was an invitation to nitpick, to join the dance.

The bigger problem I had with the film was: it’s TOO GOOD. I’m afraid they’ll change the ride, which I regard as Walt Dinsey’s greatest work of art. It’s a dark masterpiece depicting the fears of middle-class America circa 1968, with hippies pirates running riot in the streets and flames licking at the facades of Detroit Port Royal.

The film lacks the dread of the ride, but it’s easily the best pirate flick I’ve seen that I can recall, and disproves the theory that pirate flicks are cursed.

It does go a bit unwarrantedly loopy about the inherent beauty and freedom in being a pirate. Heavy-handed use of the word as a positive description sounded very much like an invitation to unlicensed DVD duplicators of the film proper and file-sharing rogues of the bounding packet-switched networking schema everywhere.

yo ho yo ho
a pirate’s life for me

7 thoughts on “Pirates of the Caribbean

  1. I loved the Citizen Kane reference with the falling apple/hand close up. What yarbles on those wonks!

  2. Will someone please answer me why, WHY, when presented with the choice of a) sexy swashbuckling adventure pirate and b) sissy, our little princess never once took advantage of the obviously better option? I spent most of the movie waiting for the blacksmith to get bent.

  3. but, but, the swashbuckling priate prince WAS the sissy, underlining – and eyelining – the genius of the film!.

  4. I really enjoyed the film (as my url shows) and I thought the graphics were pretty spectacula. The one thing theat held the film all together was Johnny Depp (even though he was making fun of the film ina way) and I thought Kiera Kninghtly was really good in it.
    The only itsy-bitsy critisism is when Cap’n Barbozza drinks the rum… the CGI not too good there but the rest was amazing. Specially at the end.
    It was a great cast, a pretty good plot and an excellent film and I say thumbs up!

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