The Mandolin Cafe has a plug up for No Hassle Hosting which has a plethora of hosting plans ranging from $3.95 to $29.95 a month.

$3.95 gets you 30mb with 1gb transfer while $29.95 gets you 1gb with 30gb transfer.

You read that right. Even better, this page lists the included services – which clearly appears to indicate mysql, php, and perl are all standard. Poking around very briefly, I didn’t find any per-database charges although the number under the high-end plan is restricted to 20, and backup is included.

Honestly, this sounds so good I have a hard time believing there’s no secret intellectual-property bomb or something. I also figure, might as well point it out now, as the more folks poke and peek the better chance there is of hearing of a problem.

Otherwise, this looks much like a way to resolve some hardware problems I’ve had from time to time, eh?

One thought on “Too good to be true?

  1. Could be, could be. That’s pretty cheap, even by the standards of modern hosting companies. It seems to me that hosting companies have turned the business into a commodity business — it’s just a matter of picking one that has pretty girls on their website or something.

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